When dining with Japanese friends, relatives, or co-workers, it is best to know some dining etiquette to show respect. Although, the majority of Japanese will understand if one does not follow such traditions. However, it is best to educate oneself and show some good manners. As such, in this article, we will introduce common Japanese etiquette when dining. This can save you during meetings with clients or big celebrations with them:

Proper Sitting

In the traditional Japanese function venues, diners would sit in low tables or ‘chabudai’. Then, people sit on the tatami mats sometimes with a cushion. During formal occasions, both men and women are expected to kneel on the floor near the table when dining. This practice is called the seiza-style. Indeed, those who are not used to kneel for long hours can find the tea ceremonies and other traditional Japanese events as uncomfortable. But during casual gatherings, the men can sit cross-legged while the women can sit with both of their legs on one side only. Furthermore, there is also a seating order to be practiced when dining. For example, the important guests must sit on the ‘kamiza’ or the honored seat. This is situated at the farthest point from the entrance. However, if there is a tokonoma or an alcove, then the guest must sit right in front of it. Finally, the least important person should sit near the ‘shimoza’ or the entrance.

Handling of Utensils

In restaurants and cocktail bar Windsor, they offer an oshibori or steamed towels to guests to clean the hands. Make sure not to use it to wipe the face. However, at home, guests are expected to wash their hands before starting the meal. Today, Japanese use forks, spoons, and knives when dining. However, chopsticks are still commonly mostly used. Practice using chopsticks by holding the top between the index, thumb, and middle fingers just like holding a pen. Next, hold the bottom of the chopstick using the ring finger and the thumb. Move only the top of the chopsticks in picking a food. Furthermore, it is essential not to stick a chopstick into the food especially the rice. It is also improper to pass food from one chopstick to another. Finally, do not wave the chopsticks on top of the dishes or use it to point to somebody else.

Greetings Before and After Meals

Finally, the most important etiquette is the greetings before and after a meal. Say ‘itadakimasu’ before a meal. This can mean the opening of a meal and saying thanks for the preparations. Meanwhile, say ‘gochisousama’ after eating. This can express gratitude for everyone who prepared and cooked the food. In sum, table manners are simple and easy to follow. This must be observed by all people, children and adult alike. Japan is considered to be one of the best culinary countries in the world. The rich taste in every meal makes it become the number one trending topic in various platforms of social media. 

A Guide To Planning A Fun And Exciting Bachelor’s Party

If you are a friend is getting married, you will surely be excited about their bachelor’s party. From the bachelor’s party, you will surely be interested in making the night fun and exciting. Most of the time, when a person is arranging a bachelors party, they will want to make the party unique and create a night for everyone to enjoy to the fullest. Also, you have to make sure that you look into making the night special for the grooms to be. If you are having your doubts about how to arrange a proper bachelor’s party, here are some of the things that you need to know;

Start with an Idea

Everything starts with an idea. Depending on the type of the interests that you are having, you have to make sure that you plan your party to meet up with the interest of all those who are attending the party. The better the idea that you have, the better will be the outcome of the party. If you are not clear of an idea for your bachelor’s party, all that you have to do is to look for bucks party ideas. These ideas will surely set up the foundation of the bachelor’s party. Surely, you will be one step closer to getting the finest night from the bachelor’s party.

Choose the Best Venue

One of the most common things to do at a bachelor’s party is to get together with your friends and to enjoy the night. To enjoy the night, you will surely have to choose the ideal venue. The venue that you choose has to place that is suited to let you have fun and all that you have planned. One of the best places that you can choose for the bachelor’s party is Friday night clubs in Melbourne. A Friday it the best day to pick as you can simply take your day off to rest and get off the hangover on the weakened.

Have a Budget

One of the most important things that you should have planned is your budget. If you don’t have planned your budget in the right manner, it will put you through a lot of trouble in terms of the finances. Therefore, it is always beneficial that you have a proper budget planned so that you are given the proper direction on what changes that you are to make in order to bring about the best from the party that you are organizing. When you have a budget planned, you can decide on everything else.